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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Manchester, Victoria Park
Favourite genre of music: anything with good beat or melody
Favourite style of art: Creative and innovative,
Skin of choice: white ;)
Personal Quote: Happiness Isn't measured by possessions, but rather by ones ability to ignore disappointments

1.) Right now you are a N00b (+ 1 point for knowing what n00b means[+1 ])

[x] You have/had glasses
[x] You play video games
[x] You have never failed math 
[x] You can type using all fingers w/o looking at the keyboard
[ ] You mostly eat TV/pre-packaged meals
[ ] You can play an instrument (does used to play a instrument count?)


2.) Eh... you're okay..

[x] Some days you don't go outside at all
[x] You have beaten a video game
[x] You know the term NPC
[x] You own over 20 games 
[x] You often rage quit but then get back to the game shorty after
[ ] You have online friends 


3.) What about these?

[x] You spend over half of your day on electronics
[ ] You have a GameStop card (EB Games? Nope D: )
[ ] Right now you have a soda by you
[ ] You often blame the character for mistakes that you did
[x] You've gotten an adrenaline rush from gaming
[x] You have posters on your wall of game references 


4.) Oh they get better

[x] You have played a game for over 100 hours
[ ] You have an OC
[x] You have physically hurt yourself from gaming
[ ] You own 5 or more DIFFERENT consoles 
[x] You own 5 or more gaming systems (Super Nintendo, PS1, PS2, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP)
[ ] You are subscribed to gaming magazines


5.) And your best friend is a cat too, right? (No!

[ ] You have gone to a video game tournament
[ ] You have gone to a video game convention
[x] You know the terms FPS, RPG, and MMORPG 
[ ] You often wear clothes with video game references on them
[ ] You have LARPed 
[ ] You wouldn't know how to continue life without electronics



[ ] You have a guide book for a game 
[x] You think about gaming even when you are not.
[ ] You listen to gaming soundtrack
[ ] Most of your doodles have to do with video games 
[ ] You have eaten something with a game reference on it 
[ ] You have cosplayed as a video game character 
[x] You have made something based on a game
[ ] You are positive that you're going to be blind one day from gaming
[ ] You don't have a life so you're doing this instead. Don't lie! XD 


[x] You plan on using a calculator for this

Now take your total and multiply it by 4. Then re-post this as "I am a _% Gamer Nerd!"

0-30%        = Get out of here because you must have a real life.

31-60%= Don't worry you have not passed the point from no return.

61-90%      You are not addicted but love gaming

91-120%    =  Yeah... I'd say you're addicted.

121-163%  =  You are an absolute hardcore gamer.

164%         = GOOD GOD. I don't even know /what/ to call you! Chuck Norris?

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